Desperate Billy reaches a new low when he meets with Lee again

Billy is desperate for more painkillers and on a slippery slope to addiction.

Having been told to stay away from the flat and stay at Eileen’s because Billy has flu, Summer is shocked at the state she finds him in when she does let herself in. Having gone to get Eileen they are worried to find Billy has disappeared, meanwhile a jittery and sweating Billy has met up with his brother Lee in the cemetery…

The family wait expectantly as first Aidan then Carla are wheeled down to the operating theatre.

Michelle tells Robert she is sure she can start afresh with Ali and she is pleasantly surprised when she walks into the Rovers to find her son having a laugh with Steve. Steve asks her to join them but is Ali ready to let her back in?

Liam tells Craig he has checked all the switches for him but after Liam leaves Craig starts his ritual again. Shona forms a plan after David leaves her in the lurch again whilst he goes training.

First episode of the evening.