Billy prepares for Petal’s op

Petal has been stabilised and Billy talks to his tiny daughter as the nurses prepare to take her down for her operation. Billy races home to confront Honey and tells her that if she wants to take what may be the last chance to see her daughter, she needs to come to the hospital now.

Billy realises he doesn’t want to give up Petal for adoption and fears that even if she does pull through, it will spell the end of his marriage. Billy is delighted when Honey turns up as Petal is about to be baptised – and asks the chaplain to baptise her ‘Janet’.

Charlie and Mo are shocked to discover that Stacey and Bradley have split, but Mo’s impressed when she works out that Stacey smashed up Bradley’s posh car in revenge!

Meanwhile, Tanya persuades Max to make up with Bradley and he apologises for hitting him, but Bradley is unforgiving and refuses to go to his dad’s for Christmas dinner. Stacey catches Max as he leaves the Vic and suggestively tells him that she wants more than just a kiss…

Sonia pleads with Martin not to let Pauline ruin their Christmas with Rebecca. Meanwhile, Pauline is packing up her belongings in preparation for her departure on Christmas day, but she sits in a daze in her room, listening to the happy Christmas sounds coming from the Square.

Also, Phil pays Minty and Garry to play Santa and his elf for Ben!