Billy races to stop Diane

Diane announces that she’s going to Brighton to stay with Bernice and both Victoria and Jack worry that they’ve driven her away. Billy discovers where Diane is planning to go and in a desperate move he steals a car from the garage in an attempt to stop Diane at the station. Diane refuses to stay and Billy is in big trouble when Debbie notices the missing car and calls the police.

Lexi cons an invite to a swanky jewellery sale at Home Farm and after getting a bracelet from the event organiser, Bruce, she brags to Chas and Debbie that she stole it. Debbie and Lexi bicker about who is best at carrying out a con and end up making a pact to steal some more of the jewellery!

Jimmy realises that there’s a bad atmosphere between Kelly and Carrie when Carrie gets touchy at the mention of Kelly during a business meeting. Jimmy encourages Kelly to patch things up with Carrie, but Carrie doesn’t want to know.

Also, Belle feels bad about deceiving her parents over her party.