Billy resorts to stealing to buy methadone from Lee

Will Lee come up with the goods when Billy hands him Todd’s watch as payment?

Suffering withdrawal and faced with the truth about how badly Summer is doing at school Billy gives in to Geraldine’s insistence that she come and stay with her despite Summer not wanting to. On his own at the flat Billy is at his lowest point and grabbing a pocket watch that belonged to Todd he seeks out Lee at the church, offering the pocket watch as payment for more methadone. Will Lee come up with the goods?

After offending a customer at the salon Bethany overhears Audrey, Craig and David discussing her behaviour and storms off. Angry with Craig she rings Sam about auditioning for the new lap dancing club.

Sarah and Gary decide to give it another go. After first being angry with Chesney for leaving the kids with Gemma, Tyrone is impressed by how good she is with Hope and Ruby. Beth asks Craig about Liam copying him with checking plug sockets but Craig covers.

Second episode of the evening.