Billy tries to apologise to Jean, but Stacey interferes and he storms off. Jay asks Phil about Billy’s recent strange mood and Phil says that he’s struggling with bad memories from his time in care. Jay asks Billy about his past in the care home. Billy loses it and pushes a stunned Jay against the wall and thumps him.

Alfie is in shock after discovering that Michael is the father of Kat’s baby. Meanwhile, Michael is moved when it’s revealed that Kat is having a boy. Michael begs Kat to come to Spain with him and says that Alfie will never accept another man’s baby. Kat tries to tell Alfie the truth, but he doesn’t want to hear it. Kat thinks that Alfie doesn’t want the baby and they agree to part. With nowhere left to go Kat tells Michael she’ll go away with him. Alfie sees Michael taking Kat’s hand and is devastated.

Bianca finds out that Carol has dumped Lewis and worries that Carol is focusing too much on Billie’s upcoming visit. Billie doesn’t show up in the Square and Bianca and Whitney find out he’s gone to a party in Southend. Carol is desperately disappointed and Bianca comes up with a plan.

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