Billy and Todd kiss in Corrie!

Billy and Todd finally give in to their feelings

Billy assures Sean there’s nobody else but Sean throws him out. Clearly upset, Sean tells Eileen, who confronts Billy. But her rant is interrupted by Tracy – who drags Billy to the flower shop and orders Todd and Billy to sort out their relationship. Billy tries to resist but his feelings get the better of him and they kiss passionately.

Robert tells Amy that Tracy must be suffering too as Deirdre meant the world to her. Tracy sits at Deirdre’s graveside when Robert arrives with Amy in tow. Tracy’s thrilled and Amy hugs her mum. Later, Amy explains that she’s prepared to move back and Tracy’s delighted to have her daughter home.

Leanne’s thrilled to see Simon looking so happy and insists Nick stays for a drink. Nick massages Leanne’s bad back and the spark between them is evident. With Nick gone, Simon mischievously suggests she should get back with Nick.

Macca and his mates give Gemma a hard time at the kebab shop, so she’s relieved when Chesney arrives back from Wolverhampton. Having forged Sarah’s signature on her gym application, Bethany’s good mood is ruined when Callum’s old mates emerge from the kebab shop.