Billy tries to talk Phil out of murder

Peggy pressures Phil to carry out her request, and Billy overhears their conversation. He tells them that murder isn’t the solution and Phil reassures him that he only wants to teach Archie a lesson. But later he tells Peggy everything is in place, and Billy should be kept in the dark…

Lauren is up in court for trying to run down Max. Tanya and Peter take the stand, but their testimony doesn’t seem to be helping Lauren’s plight. Max is starting to lose hope about Lauren’s fate, especially when he discovers that Stacey has refused to testify. Max is next to take the stand and when he’s questioned about his affair with Stacey he loses it.

Todd has a new games console and takes it round to Ricky’s. Todd enjoys a games session with Whitney. Todd freaks out when he feels something crawling under his shirt and learns that Tiffany’s caterpillar collection has escaped. Todd strips off his shirt just as Ricky walks in. Todd tries to explain why he’s got his shirt off, but a protective Ricky throws him out.

Chelsea has a date with Theo and she tells him she feels undervalued at Booty. Tanya is out for the day at Lauren’s court case so Theo encourages Chelsea to open up Booty and offer discount prices to get the customers through the door. Libby talks to Theo about his law course and is suspicious that he is not telling the truth.

Also, Mo sees Brenda with another man.

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