Billy frets about telling Honey that they will be homeless by Christmas. He gets a further blow when he gives away free Holly with every purchase on the stall and the disgruntled flower stall lady complains. Billy is forced to put his extra profits in Peggy’s charity tin for Down’s Syndrome Children. Honey books a meal for them at the Italian and a distraught Billy doesn’t know how to tell her that he can’t afford to pay.

Ronnie is increasingly suspicious of Jack when he’s shifty about his whereabouts. When Jack takes receipt of a mystery package, Ronnie’s curiosity gets the better of her and she sneaks into Jack’s office to get some answers. Jack walks in and demands to know what’s going on.

Steven lies to Bradley and Stacey that he’s celebrating his 18th birthday and he talks them into going out to the club to celebrate. Bradley and Stacey are surprised that Steven seems to have recovered so well after his suicide attempt. Steven gets blind drunk at the club and Bradley despairs but a helpful Roxy agrees to take him home.

Also, a protective Max is angry when he discovers that Lauren is dating Peter; Dot disapproves of Yolande’s ‘modern’ nativity script.

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