Billy won’t believe Julie’s revelation that they have a grown-up son. Julie says she was sent away from the foster home to have the baby and he was taken away from her. Billy heads to the club to drown his sorrows and joins Carol at the bar. Carol storms off when Billy tries to kiss her. A fight kicks off when Stacey hits Billy for being rude to Jean. Billy throws a wild punch and hits a police officer.

Stacey is talked into going on a girls’ night out with Kat, Jean and Kim and reluctantly leaves Lily with Charlie. He has to pick up a tipsy Mo from the bingo hall and dumps Lily on Pat. A fed-up Pat takes Lily to the club to find Stacey. Pat finds Ryan instead and tells him to take more responsibility as a father and leaves Lily with him!

Roxy asks Christian out to the club and is disappointed when Syed turns up with him. Roxy wants to have fun with her best mate without his teetotal boyfriend. Roxy spikes Syed’s drink with vodka. Syed realises there’s alcohol in his drink. Christian is appalled and tells Roxy to get used to him being with Syed.

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