Billy’s lies are revealed

Billy dumps the broken charity box and hides the cash, while the story of the stolen charity money makes the front page of the Gazette. Billy finally comes clean to Honey about losing his job and he admits that they will have to move into a B&B. Later, Peggy realises that Honey does not know that Billy stole the charity box. She outs Billy as the charity box thief at a party for Aunt Sal and everyone is stunned!

Meanwhile, Tanya finds a card addressed to her on the car windscreen and she is surprised to discover that it’s from Sean. Max and Stacey are stunned to discover that Sean is back in Walford. Later, Sean surprises Stacey by jumping out on her and Stacey is nervous.

Jane has to go to the hospital to have her colostomy reversal and she asks Pat to take care of the cafe. Pat struggles to cope and she agrees to let Steven help her out. Ian pops back to the cafe and he is furious when he finds Steven and makes no bones about the way he feels about his former stepson.

Also, Dot rewrites the nativity script after taking over from an injured Yolande; Ronnie pines for Jack.

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