Bird and his thugs storm the Vic

Peggy is horrified when the hooligans storm the pub and Bird and the gang are furious when Jase is nowhere to be seen. Jase hears the commotion and heads back to the Vic. Meanwhile, Patrick tries to stop the gang storming the pub flat where Honey and Janet are hiding. Jase bursts in and gives himself up to the gang, who take him to the barrel store.

Honey creeps downstairs to call the cops and she discovers Jase and the gang in the barrel store. Honey tries to protect Jase from being beaten to a pulp, but she’s knocked to the floor and goes into labour. The gang run off and Jase gets Honey outside and asks to borrow Ian’s car to get Honey to hospital. Honey is terrified when she’s told she may need an emergency C-section.

Billy is contacted and he rushes to Honey’s side, while a guilty Jase confesses to Minty about his hooligan past. Billy is furious with Jase for putting Honey and the baby in danger and he smacks him around the face. Honey’s baby is delivered, but the baby is not breathing and the doctors try to resuscitate him. Jase peeks in and sees the commotion and he’s horrified.

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