Birthday blues for Aaron

His fiance's apparent lack of interest has Aaron worried on his birthday

It’s Aaron’s birthday but from the look of it, Robert couldn’t care less. Aaron’s gutted when his fiance slips off to work rather than spending time with him and is left really feeling worried and paranoid when Robert says he’s meeting up with Rebecca in the evening! What’s he up to?

Rhona’s taken aback when Pierce rattles out a long speech before proposing to her! Feeling it’s all too soon since divorcing Paddy, Rhona rejects him. Pierce pretends he’s fine about it – but inside he’s fuming. Later, at home, Pierce shows the vet he’s not about to take no for an answer…

Cain’s unconvinced the fire in the van was Zak’s fault. When Kerry tells Zak it was her, will he tell his suspicious son or cover for her?