Black Butterfly – Sky Cinema Premiere

'I am stuck,' Antonio Banderas' boozy reclusive writer types over and over again

‘I am stuck,’ Antonio Banderas’ boozy reclusive writer types over and over again.

He’s holed up in his remote mountain cabin and desperate to complete the screenplay that will turn his fortunes around.

However, after he offers a shady-looking drifter (a highly strung, intense Jonathan Rhys Meyers) a temporary place to stay, he is knocked off guard when his volatile houseguest insists on helping him with his work.

Based on the 2008 French movie Papillon Noir (which starred Eric Cantona), this contrived but engaging thriller has clear echoes of Stephen King (including a hint of The Shining and a bigger touch of Misery) and enough sharp twists to give the viewer whiplash.