Natasha has told only one person that she shot and killed her bigamous husband Mark. If that person had been a priest she’d be OK. But she confessed to her positively vile son, Nathan, then had to pay him to leave Emmerdale and take her secret with him. Now her nasty number-one son has heard she has a new business partner and wants to play with the grown-ups. He tries to blackmail Natasha again, this time into letting him stay in Emmerdale. Is Natasha going to wish she’d used the shotgun on him, too?

The shoe is on the other foot with the sweetly odd couple that are Aaron and Paddy… Having been clucked over by Paddy for weeks, Aaron decides it’s his turn to show a little concern for his pal because the vulnerable vet seems to be enjoying Chas’s return to the Smithy a little too much. She broke Paddy’s heart once and Aaron doesn’t want to see her do it again…

There’s also a girl-boy thing going on with Nikhil and Maisie and Adele and Andy… Having failed to get Maisie’s attention himself, Jai thinks the barmaid will shoot down his brother. Meanwhile, Andy’s unaware of Adele’s interest in him until Adam points it out.

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