Is Blake going to jail?

Elle and Jacob’s teenage son is sentenced for assault in Casualty...

The day of Blake Gardner’s court case for assaulting school bully Miles Ashworth has arrived. Blake’s parents are both by his side, but not for long! When Blake’s mum, doctor Elle Gardner, gets a call from the ED revealing Miles has been admitted after a seizure she races to Holby hospital to assess his condition – without explaining where she’s going!

A call from Alicia causes Elle to leave Blake to his fate

Meanwhile, at the trial, deeply remorseful Blake admits he attacked bully Miles. With Elle missing Jacob stands-in as Blake’s character witness – despite his intense fear of public speaking! Will Jacob damage Blake’s case when he explains he and Blake only recently discovered they’re father and son?

Elle and Anna play the waiting room game, hoping Miles pulls through

Later, at the hospital, Mile’s condition worsens and he needs urgent surgery. While Miles is at his most vulnerable, his mum Linda (guest star Anna Wilson-Jones) reveals their tragic family situation to Elle. Can ill Miles survive brain surgery, or will Blake end up facing a far more serious charge?

Jacob fears he could lose Blake, just as he is getting to know him as a son

Also this week, junior doctor Bea wakes up late for work and in someone else’s bed. It’s clear Bea wants to do a runner but when Bea’s one-night stand comes looking for her in the ED, Bea finds herself agreeing to a date!

Ethan thinks he can trust Alicia – but she remains his biggest critic at the ED

Elsewhere, Iain turns detective and makes a startling discovery. Bea discovers something private about Rash. And Alicia remains openly critical of Ethan’s running of the ED…