Blaketon and Ventress run into trouble

A man is taken to hospital following a car crash, and it’s up to the police to find out who he is. Pc Younger traces the registered owner of the vehicle and discovers that it was stolen in Liverpool, but the officers must wait for the driver to regain consciousness to find out who he is and what he was doing in Aidensfield.

Blaketon and Ventress are hired by Gilbert Hartley to follow his wife, Moira, whom he suspects of having an affair, and learn that Moira has been meeting Reginald Watts at the livestock market where she works. At the station, finger prints confirm that the crash victim is Ronald Burns, a known criminal in Liverpool who works with villain Roy Leamus.

As Ronald passes away in hospital, elsewhere Roy and partner Jimmy Fenton are planning an armed robbery. The next night, Blaketon and Ventress are waiting for Moira at the livestock market, and are distracted by another vehicle. Blaketon decides to confront the driver – and finds himself with Jimmy pointing a gun at him…

Also, Peggy buys some goats at auction, but considers selling them on when she struggles to milk them, not knowing that they are angora goats, reared for their expensive coats. Will Peggy realise before selling her investment?

And Dawn struggles when she fills in at the Aidensfield Arms for Gina.