Blessing joins the race for Social Secretary

Tegan and Blessing read out their election speeches. Blessing is touched when she reads her speech, which Dennis has written for her and is elated when she wins the race for social secretary. However, she can’t just be friends with Dennis and gives him an ultimatum – all or nothing. Diane is furious that Tony didn’t pick up the twins because he was with Blessing.

Patrick sees Nico outside College Coffee and grabs her – she drops her bag, which Peri finds. Concerned for her missing friend, Peri takes the bag to the police station. Sienna has a heart-stopping realisation that Nico is her daughter when Sam pulls out the baby blanket Sienna gave to Sophie when she was born.

Meanwhile, Patrick has put Nico in a taxi to Denise’s house. She escapes from the car but Patrick tracks her down at The Folly. Sienna turns up at The Folly and Patrick drags Nico into the shadows, Nico can only watch longingly as Sienna calls her name and walks away. Patrick tells Nico that she should never have been born and if she doesn’t go home, he’ll kill her.

Peri gives her dad a belated birthday card and Danny asks Tegan to let Peri see him if she wants to. Tegan agrees that Peri can see him but it’s their secret from Leela, until she sees them all together.