Blessing and Dennis sign up to a speed-dating event at The Hutch and tensions run high as they try to make each other jealous. Blessing’s first date is with Finn. Sinead tampers with Finn’s comment card so he thinks Blessing has called him a ‘freak’. He calls her a ‘skank’ and shoves his card forcefully down her top.

Patrick tells Maxine that he doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to forgive her for their baby’s illness, leaving her shattered by his callousness. When he leaves, Sienna tells Maxine that she knows about the abuse and hands her some money to run away with.

Cindy and Dirk are delighted as they finally get to bring Hilton home. They throw a party for him but when Dirk tells Cindy that Dodger is in love with someone he shouldn’t be, she joins the dots and figures out that he slept with Holly. Cindy confronts Dodger just as Maxine arrives and hears everything. Dodger tries to apologise but she turns and walks away. Meanwhile, Holly desperately tries to explain herself to Jason and is relieved when he accepts her apology.

Also, Nana goes behind Carmel’s back and enters Kathleen Angel into the ‘Super Tots’ competition, where they win £200.