Blessing wakes up on the Savages’ boat

A hungover Blessing is embarrassed when she wakes up on the Savages’ boat, which is littered with reminders of her drunken night with Dennis and Dodger. An excitable Dennis tells her that she kept talking about a mystery man last night and urges her to tell him how she feels. He thinks he’s the mystery man, but when he sees her kissing Dodger, it seems he got it wrong.

Fraser dumps the crate of wine in the woods and heads straight back to the village. He lies to Ste that he thinks he was seen dumping the drugs and needs him to torch the car to make it look like it was stolen.

Sinead struggles to come to terms with the news that Katy has died. However, things get even harder when her own husband, Freddie, begins to become suspicious about her past behaviour with Katy.

A concerned Danny, Sam and Leela panic when they find Peri’s hospital bed empty.