Blind Date – Channel 5

Paul O'Grady plays Cupid 
for two related singletons - a mum and her son as the third series of Blind Date continues on Channel 5

Paul O’Grady asks six more singletons, ‘What’s your name and where do you come from?’, as the classic dating show continues.

In a Blind Date first, a mother and son are both hoping to find love.

First to ask the questions is son Emile, 
who has his pick of three glamorous ladies, before his mum Belinda gets to choose her own hot date.

Watch out for number one, an HGV driver with some smart answers and moves!

Belinda and her son Emile are both looking for dates

We also catch up with last week’s couples – Barry and Cherry and Cali and Alexi – who went to Cuba and South Africa on their dates.

And in maybe another Blind Date 
first, Paul is taken aback when there’s a twist to their love stories…

TV Times ratings: ****