A gang of fame-obsessed LA teens (including Katie Chang, Israel Broussard and Emma Watson) break into the homes of celebrities in this stranger-than-fiction real-life tale.

To know when and where to strike, the teens surfed gossip sites to find out when their victims – including Paris Hilton, Megan Fox and Orlando Bloom – would be out of town, looked up their addresses on the internet and walked out with over $3million of designer goods.

Breaking in proved surprisingly easy. Typically, the stars’ homes were unlocked; Hilton obligingly left her key under the mat and only noticed anything had gone missing after six raids.

Director Sofia Coppola observes all this with a deadpan eye, finding satirical gold everywhere (spot Hilton’s face on her own sofa cushions) and she gets great performances from her cast, with Chang as the ringleader and Broussard as her pliant follower. Best of all is Watson, shredding her image as goody-two-shoes Hermione with a scene-stealing turn as an air-headed celebrity wannabe.