The babies are wearing Viv out and a kindly Emily offers to give her a much needed break. When Bob gets home from work, he panics when he realises how long they’ve all been away and fears Emily has stolen the twins. Despite Viv’s protestations, he insists he’s going to call the police, just as Emily comes back. She had to take Heathcliffe to the doctors in Hotten and is devastated by the realisation Bob doesn’t trust her.
Viv is furious at Bob’s overreaction, but Bob announces he’s giving up work so he can look after the babies himself.

A worried David begs Del to keep his dirty dealings a secret for now and to give him another chance. He swears he loves her and would have asked her to leave the village with him. Del points out his plan wouldn’t just hurt Pollard, but would leave Val and Lisa jobless. David talks her round and promises to reunite Val and Pollard if that’s what it’ll take to keep her.

Eli manages to cut off the whole village’s water supply and Paddy takes up model-making.