*One-hour special*

Donna and Ross agree to help Viv’s search and they go to an empty house belonging to Freddie and find a pile of unopened bills addressed to Viv. Donna wants to tell CID, but Ross urges her to play it cool, as they weren’t on duty. Donna tells Viv that she will tell the investigating officer but makes her promise to stay put.

Viv immediately flouts Donna’s wishes and heads to the house with Bob to retrieve the post. Bob is arrested for breaking and entering, but he realises he and Viv are in big trouble when the police officer reveals that the house was being rented to a ‘Viv and Bob Hope’! Viv is also arrested and the couple have to take place in a line-up.

Nicola has a disappointingly quiet 30th birthday and her day gets even worse when Paddy lays her off and says Chas is coming back to work. Nicola tries to convince Paddy to keep her at the vets, but Paddy refuses. Later, Nicola accidentally traps Paddy’s hand in the car boot and takes advantage of the situation by telling the vet that he needs her now he’s incapacitated!

Also, Doug reassures Greg that he has every right to visit Daniel’s grave.