Bob has serious doubts about his interview with Naughty Nylons and tells a secretly delighted Viv that he’s decided not to try out for the job. But things are turned on their head when Bob’s brother Eddie turns up in the village and reveals that he’s the new sales manager for the company. When Eddie offers Bob a guaranteed job, he finds it difficult to say ‘no’ and Viv is left unhappy about his abrupt U-turn.

Meanwhile, Rosemary meets up with Ashley to organise funeral plans and Ashley is uncomfortable that Rosemary is trying to leave Tom’s sons out of the decision-making. Ashley mediates between the warring parties and Rosemary agrees to allow them some say in the plans. When the brothers continue to argue over every detail, Rosemary reminds them that they were originally the ones trying to leave her out of the plans.

Elsewhere, Val feels like a leper as Paul and Diane continue to ignore her after finding out about her treatment of Sharon. A lonely Val spends her birthday on her own when they refuse to help her celebrate. Pollard feels bad for Val and appeals to the pair to give her a break. Paul and Diane eventually decide to forgive her and Val’s delighted when they turn up with cards and presents.