Bob gets it on with Gennie!

Bob agrees to visit Viv in prison after pressure from Terry and Jamie, but he chickens out of confronting her. Bob returns home and confesses to Gennie that he couldn’t go through with seeing Viv and he accepts that he’s lost her for good. Gennie and Bob both bend down to retrieve a dropped wine cork and clash heads and when they look up, Gennie moves in for a kiss and they head for the bedroom…

Val and Pollard aren’t on the best of terms and Val ignores Pollard’s protestations to go on a massive spending spree. Pollard realises that he needs to spell it out to Val exactly how bad their finances are and Val is rocked. Val suggests that Pollard get himself a job, but he sadly says that he feels he’s too old to start over again.

Debbie is has a go at a stranger who queue-jumps in the cafe and he apologises and introduces himself as Home Farm shop supplier Michael Conway. There’s a spark between them and later Michael spots Debbie in The Woolpack, but when Cain arrives to tell Debbie he’s booked her and Sarah a holiday and Debbie gives her dad a thank you kiss a disappointed Michael misinterprets their relationship.