Bob has bad news for Gennie

Gennie reassures a worried Bob that Brenda will come round and make up with him. Bob is exhausted by the worry and falls asleep in the shop. He’s woken by Brenda who found him asleep with the till open. Bob and Brenda resolve their differences, but he drops a bombshell and admits that without the banks’ support he has no choice, but to sell the business immediately by auction.

Natasha takes Mark to a disused barn to talk about turning it into a farm shop. Mark catches sight of Faye’s car and is distracted. Faye secretly watches Mark and Natasha from a distance with a copy of Horse and House magazine in her hand. Later, Faye follows Natasha into The Woolpack and overhears her talking about a new marketing manager job coming up on Home Farm and she is intrigued by the information…

Lexi ropes in reluctant volunteers for her hen night while Jimmy makes plans for Carl’s stag do. Jimmy asks Jake to book a stripper, despite Carl warning him not to. Jimmy jokes about what he’s got in store for his brother. Carl is in a sour mood and clearly not looking forward to his stag night.

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