*One-hour special*

Bob sinks into an even deeper depression after his visit with Viv and a worried Edna convinces the villagers to put the legal action on hold. Nicola refuses to drop it and approaches Bob for an out of court settlement and a furious Bob tells Nicola he’s penniless and – literally – offers her the shirt off his back.

Bob is riled and he heads over to the Courier offices and demands to see the editor, but when he’s ejected from the building he climbs up on a decorator’s platform and tells the gathering crowd that the Courier has ruined his life. Jasmine spots Bob and calls Val and Terry, who rush to coax him down. Bob is cautioned by the police and feels an utter failure.

Zak drops Scarlett home after another skiving shopping trip and is horrified to realise Jimmy has spotted them. Zak makes a quick exit, but Jimmy storms after him to the garage and cancels the King client taxi contract. Debbie is livid and sacks Zak, but Lisa smoothes the waters and gets Debbie to agree to a deal. Meanwhile, a guilty Scarlett apologises to Jimmy and promises to go to college.

Also, Lexi steals work from Pearl to impress Pollard with her performance.