Has Bob cheated on Brenda?

Chas reels when she finds Bob half-dressed in the back room of the Woolie, and decides he's slept with Charity!

When Chas finds Bob half-dressed, having kipped on the couch in the back room of the Woolpack, she decides he’s slept with Charity and spreads the news! After Brenda tears a strip off Bob for not coming home all night before finally returning with no trousers on, will she get to hear the gossip about Bob’s supposed infidelity too?

David’s on Tracy’s case. He wants her to tell Finn she paid Nathan to go out with him. But before Tracy gets the chance, Finn finds out that Nathan’s an escort for himself, after hearing Tracy talking to the gigolo in the cafe…

Nicola’s thrown when she thanks Neville for the insurance pay out only to be told the claim was rejected. Is she about to uncover Rakesh’s attempted arson scam?