Bob opens the cafe 24 hours a day

Bob and Brenda try to come up with ideas to save the business. Nathan pops into the shop and mentions that a project he’s working on will bring scores of workmen to the village, and they’ll be working through the night. Bob decides to open the cafe up 24 hours. Lisa is horrified that the Dingles actions will make Bob an absent dad from the twins and she tells Zak he’s failed the family.

Gennie is furious with her family for stealing from Bob and when Lisa tries to apologise on behalf of the family Gennie says she wants nothing to do with them until they pay the money back. Gennie tries to salve her conscience by offering to work in the night cafe and Bob is delighted.

Mark is annoyed with Nathan when he accuses Maisie of seeing Andy behind their backs. Maisie denies it, but later tells a worried Andy that Nathan is on to them. Maisie decides to throw her parents off the scent by getting Marlon to pretend to be her boyfriend in return for putting in a good word with Natasha for him over the Home Farm catering. Mark and Nathan are surprised that Maisie’s dating Marlon, but they’re just relieved it’s not Andy!

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