Bob ruins Gennie’s chances with Jamie

Bob makes another effort to persuade Jamie not to tell Gennie that he’s keen on her and he’s relieved when he overhears Gennie telling Leyla that she doesn’t think that Jamie is interested in her. Bob hopes that he’s successfully put a stop to any relationship between them.

Chas wants Aaron to drop the charges against John, but Aaron stubbornly refuses. Hannah’s birthday celebrations are subdued as the family are so worried about John being in prison and they decide to cancel the party. John returns from the police station and reveals he’s out on bail and is facing charges, Moira begs John to swallow his pride and apologise to Aaron to get him to drop the charges.

Terry is irritated about having to cater to Val’s every need, but she’s determined to show Pollard and Diane that they can’t live without her. Diane and Pollard are both clearly missing her and are worried when they contact Paul and discover he’s not heard from his mum in months. Val gets a worried voicemail message from Pollard and tells Terry it’s time for the second phase of her plan to get her husband back!