Bob can barely believe his eyes when a flash car pulls up alongside him only to find it’s his long-lost daughter, Carly, on the way to her wedding! All dressed up ready to get married, Carly wants Bob to hop in her limo and join in with the ceremony. But Bob’s got serious reservations about the marriage and doesn’t hold back as he tries to stop his daughter making a big mistake in marrying a man she’s only known a for four months…

All this talk of Dubai is getting to Jimmy. So when he finds out Nicola has taken her idea one step further and made enquiries into selling Jimmy’s half of the haulage firm he flips! As he tells his wife, in no uncertain terms, that a move to Dubai is not an option, Nicola dishes up her response: she’s accepted a job there!

Val still hasn’t recovered from her collapse. As Pollard, Finn and Tracy rally round to try to perk her spirits up, it’s clear her HIV and health are weighing heavily on Val’s mind.