When Brenda discovers the money she took out of Gennie’s memorial fund has gone missing she thinks it’s been stolen. And it has – by her own family. Feeling guilty, Bob asks Carly to give it back and is told it’s too late. The cafe owner then asks Val for a lump sum. When she refuses, Bob gets a payday loan. But popping it into Brenda’s apron pocket only serves to make the situation worse as his wife starts to doubt her memory as she’s sure she checked it. Convinced her brain tumour has returned, Brenda asks Chas to go to the hospital with her.

Aaron and Andy are taken aback when Robert offers to help out at the farm. After a day’s graft, Robert suggests a pint but Aaron’s having none of it. When Chas hears about the day her son’s had she worries Aaron is getting close to Robert again so Paddy offers to have a word with him.

Kerry’s meant to be looking after Kyle, but her eye’s taken off the ball when she has a ruck with Val. The oversight spells bad news for Dan’s coursework which gets deleted by the little lad!