Bob stands up to Ged (VIDEO)

*First episode*

In prison, Bob confronts his blackmailer, Ged, and tells him Brenda won’t be smuggling anything in for him again. Though Ged appears to accept it, Bob is worried he’s made life inside a lot harder for himself. His instincts are right. Harriet pales when she receives a call from desperate Bob begging her to change her statement about Ged to spare Brenda from getting hurt. Will the former lawyer change her statement?

Cain doesn’t want Pete hanging about Debbie. And Debbie feels the same, too. She’s unnerved when she finds him lurking about, and Pete’s heart breaks as he realises his new bride is now scared of him and what he’s capable of.

Megan finds out what’s been going on between Sam and Rachel. Sam’s embarrassed, but so’s Megan when she starts throwing up in the middle of their chat! When Sam insists she see a doctor, will pregnant Megan agree?