You’re the one that I want! Bob tells Laurel how he feels about her

Bob tells Laurel it's her he wants to be with - not Brenda

Bob’s spent a night away from the village to try to get some perspective on the mess he’s making of his love life. Though he loves Brenda, he’s found himself falling for Laurel since their unexpected night of passion. Having spent the night soul-searching, the cafe owner has come to the conclusion that he wants to be with Laurel! The widow reels when he drops the bombshell – but will she tell him he feels the same way, knowing how much it will hurt Brenda?

Aaron does a good turn for Robert and babysits Seb. But his gesture comes at Alex’s expense. When the hot doc calls his boyfriend to make plans, Aaron tells him he’s “busy”.

In the hospital, Pete tries to comfort Ross who’s in recovery from the awful acid attack. The scarred mechanic is still in agony and is hurt that Debbie hasn’t been in to see him.