Bob takes Gennie to one side and tells her he doesn’t want her to date his son. But she has a mind of her own and is determined to enjoy her night out with Jamie. He tries persuading Jamie to ditch the date but he’s not listening, either. However, showing Bob just how much they’re enjoying each other’s company might not be the smartest move.

Jai and Nikhil are holding job interviews at the new sweet factory and a lot of the villagers are hoping to win work – including an unlikely candidate in the shape of shifty Eli! Faye, Laurel, Lisa and Gennie also put themselves forward and Nikhil tells them all that the results will be posted. But Jai has other ideas and, much to Nikhil’s annoyance, announces the names of the new factory workers in The Woolpack…

Elsewhere in the village, having thrown Chas out, Paddy is in need of a new receptionist and Pearl accepts his offer of the job. Priya asks her brothers to compensate Ashley for the damage she did to his car and Laurel makes Jai pay handsomely. And Katie agrees to go on a date with Ryan.

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