Jamie lures Viv to the park where he spotted Bob, and Viv is stunned when she sees the ice-cream van. Bob is delighted to see his wife and begs Viv to take him back, but she doesn’t want to risk more heartache. Bob is undeterred and returns to the village after learning of Eddie’s plot to woo Viv and he attacks Eddie then pledges his undying love to Viv in front of the shocked villagers.

Jo reaches the end of her tether in the aftermath of her pageant catfight with Katie when Viv and Val both blame her for starting the scrap. Jo insists that Katie was as much to blame as she was. Andy is stumped later on when a fed-up Jo reveals that she wants Katie out of their lives and she’s made Andy an appointment with a divorce lawyer.

Marlon and Donna proudly show the visiting Dingle kids around the building site and are happy to have spent a fun day with them. But they’re rocked when Margaret the social worker reveals that the boys are becoming settled with their foster parents and unless Marlon and Donna hurry up with their home, they will stay where they are.