Bobby is arrested

Bobby is stunned when he’s arrested for attacking Jane. Trying to manage the situation, Sharon is horrified when Bobby tells the police about how he killed Lucy, but the police won’t believe him. Called away from Jane’s side to go to the police station, Ian is in shock when Bobby insists he can prove he killed Lucy… He still has the music box that he hit her with.

Abi is torn when Stacey tells her that Max is innocent of killing Lucy because Bobby has confessed to her murder. Turning to Jack for help, Stacey insists they need to talk to Max. Despite Bobby’s announcement, the residents still believe that Max is guilty. Meanwhile, worried for Jane, Denise calls Christian.

Billy is concerned about Roxy after her confession that she’s carrying drugs inside her. Not knowing what to do, he enlists Jay’s help. When Jay realises how much pain Roxy is in, he brings Jack round to check on her.