Bobby publicly confesses what he did to Jane!

While Stacey and Martin’s wedding celebrations continue at the Beales’, Bobby leaves a wounded Jane on the floor to head to The Vic. The wedding party are stunned when Bobby arrives clutching a hockey stick, revealing he hit Jane over the head… He goes one step further and then confesses that he killed Lucy! Ian rushes home and, finding Jane unconscious on the floor, he gets her to hospital. With Jane’s life hanging in the balance Ian has to decide whether he can continue to protect his son.

Roxy turns up at The Vic looking for Amy. Although Ronnie has asked Jack to keep an eye on Roxy, Jack tells her to get out. Finding Roxy outside the pub, Linda encourages her to open up about Dean, but Roxy can’t bring herself to talk about him. Later, a distressed Roxy confesses to Billy that she is carrying drugs inside her and she’s worried that something has gone wrong.

Ronnie finds Andy leaving the Square. Concerned for him, she invites him back to hers to talk. Back in the house, Andy secretly locks the door, but they’re interrupted by Jack who wants to tell Ronnie about Roxy.

Also, Louise spreads rumours about Bex to Shakil.