Bob’s released on bail

Bob is let out on bail and returns to the village, but a relieved Viv is furious that he was stupid enough to sneak into Home Farm in the first place. Bob admits he was foolish, but he insists that he didn’t kill Tom.

Bob is worried that Jamie may have had a hand in Tom’s death and questions him as to his whereabouts. Jamie pleads his innocence but Bob is doubtful.

Carl is livid to discover that Bob’s been released from custody and he storms over to the Hope’s café to confront him. Jamie opens the door and tries to calm down a fuming Carl, but Carl takes a swing at him and knocks him down. The police arrive as they continue to argue and Carl is cautioned.

Del is put out when Toni smugly announces that she and Paddy are engaged and Del resolves to show her ex just what he’s missing by getting glammed up for a night out. Del is too skint to buy a new dress so Lisa suggests she ‘borrow’ some material from the factory and make her own. David catches Del red-handed and is appalled that she would steal.