Bolton learns the hard way

It’s the start of spring term, and head teacher Rachel arrives at school to find her office ransacked – but all that’s missing is the contents of her own personnel file. When Bolton Smilie and his gang declare that school is just a game, Rachel thinks that a trip to a prison will give them all a wake-up call.

At the prison, Bolton is found with drugs on him and is banged up in a cell with inmate Carlton. Not liking his new surroundings, Waterloo Road’s resident hard man is reduced to tears, and begs to be let out. After school, Eddie sets all the teachers a test to prove just how hard exams are these days.

Elsewhere, Tom is deperately trying to encourage more mums and dads to attend parents’ evening, that night. At the event, it becomes clear why Danielle has been keeping her mum hidden. The evening gets better when Tom asks Davina out.

After a long day, Rachel senses she’s not alone – but who’s watching her?