Bolton’s boxing match lands Rob in trouble

It’s the day of Bolton’s boxing match and PE teacher Rob, determined to help his star pupil win, gives him pills to calm his nerves. Rob’s life is soon turned upside-down, however, when Jasmine finds out and reports Rob to the boxing medic and a furious Rachel, leaving Rob to do some fast-talking to try and get himself out of hot water.

Elsewhere, after a string of disturbances and complaints from neighbours, the Kelly family are facing eviction. Tom, feeling partly to blame, agrees to visit the Housing Association to try and get the decision reversed. Meanwhile, Ralph Mellor, Chair of the Board Of Governors, makes Marley a cash bribe on the strict proviso that he keeps away from his daughter, Flick. A torn Marley is sorely tempted, given his family’s current circumstances.

It’s also the day Eddie and Melissa are due to fly out to get married, but things don’t quite go to plan as Melissa’s forced to admit to a stunned Eddie that she hasn’t divorced her previous two husbands. But Melissa’s biggest bombshell is yet to come when she says she knows Eddie still has feelings for Rachel and asks him to choose between her and her sister once and for all…