*First episode, 7.30pm*
Turns out it wasn’t goodbye but simply au reviour when Janice returns from France. She’s in a sunny mood and hoping to pick up where she left off at work. However Liam bursts her bubble when he refuses to give let her have her old job back. Janice scowls for a bit but then the sight of Leanne with lots of money, a property portfolio and two mobile phones, plasters the grin back on her face.

But Leanne snaps at her stepmother’s greed and insists she worked hard to achieve all this.

Paul’s edgy mood continues as he waits for news on a big buyer. When he then overhears Sean defend his relationship with Sonny, the normally mild-mannered Connor explodes and sacks him! The girls demand he be reinstated, but Paul refuses to budge. Who will win this battle of The Underworld?

Deirdre is at breaking point as the Barlows head to the plea hearing, but Peter is perturbed by Tracy’s supreme confidence.

Elsewhere Amber and Molly help Dev with his mid-life crisis, but are they really helping matters?

*Second episode, 8.30pm*
The day doesn’t start well for Carla when she’s greeted at the factory gates by the girls stood on a picket lane. Paul has also been missing all night and it’s obvious that Liam is hiding something.

She demands answers from her brother-in-law who finally tells her the shocking truth. Paul was responsible for the death of Ryan’s dad in a car crash. Paul had been driving over the limit when they crashed and because Harry was dead already, they slid his body into the driver’s seat to protect Paul.

At court, Tracy pleads not guilty and walks out a confident woman. She thanks her mum for destroying the tape of her and David and being on her side. However it’s becoming obvious that Deirdre has her doubts about Tracy’s innocence.

Janice admits to Leanne she’s broke and is stunned when she gives her a huge wad of cash.

While Vernon is preoccupied with his new career, ‘Tomlin’s School of Drums’, Liz is increasingly preoccupied with Derek, the deliveryman.

Elsewhere, Peter is smitten with the playing-hard-to-get Maria.