Bonnie’s deathly fall!

Schoolgirl Bonnie’s life hangs in the balance this week when a school field trip goes horrifyingly wrong.

On the final day of the excursion Olga let’s her group of pupils – Bonnie, Scott, Kenzie and Justin – complete their research unsupervised.

This turns out to be a big mistake when Kenzie reveals Bonnie is seeing both Scott and Justin, only for Bonnie to retaliate with the shocking revelation Scott has been sleeping with Kenzie’s mum!

While Justin attempts to console Kenzie, Scott and Bonnie walk off deep in argument. But their spat seems insignificant when Bonnie falls down a ravine and is left injured on a ledge. Scott races to get help and working together the teenagers manage to rescue Bonnie. But relations between the four seem damaged beyond repair.

Back at the school George and Audrey join forces when they realise someone has been stealing from the staff fridge. Hungry and homeless, new teacher Guy realises he can’t continue to sleep rough at the school without being discovered. But help unexpectedly comes from George!

And tensions run high at the PTA meeting when some parents reveal they think the merger with Havelock High might be good for their children’s education…