A small aircraft flying over Fairview ends up crashing into Wisteria Lane after the pilot has a heart attack and his wife is left at the controls. The Fairview residents are celebrating Christmas with a street party and the plane lands slap bang in the middle of the party and crashes into Santa’s grotto where Bree, Karl and Orson are having a massive argument, as Orson has just learned that Bree and Karl have been having an affair. The disaster means a tragic end for a couple of people.

Events go back to three days before the horrific crash, when Katherine Mayfair is taken to hospital with a stab wound. She insists Mike attacked her, but Susan knows it can’t possibly have happened. She wants to get Katherine committed so calls Katherine’s daughter, Dylan, to come to the hospital to see her mum. When Dylan arrives, she soon susses that her mum’s gone ga-ga as Katherine keeps insisting to her that she married Mike, when quite clearly she didn’t.

Danny Bolen is recovering in hospital, too, after his overdose attempt. He lets slip to a nosey nurse, Mona, that his family’s past is a bit jaded and that his mother Angie once killed somebody. When Angie meets Mona, the nurse starts blackmailing her. Mona is visiting the Bolens when the plane crashes into Wisteria Lane.

Gaby is still furious with Lynette for launching a lawsuit again Carlos, but when the plane crashes it seems that Lynette has rescued Gaby’s daughter Celia in the nick of time…

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