As the maverick ex-CIA agent Jason Bourne, Matt Damon still wants answers about his own deadly past.

Picking up the story in Moscow straight on from the conclusion of The Bourne Supremacy, this third movie has Bourne inching ever closer to uncovering the secrets of his mysterious past.

All the while, he has to evade the clutches of sinister CIA spymaster David Strathairn, who is using satellites to track his every movement.

Paddy Considine is a British journalist who may have some answers for Bourne, but a meeting at London’s Waterloo Station doesn’t go as planned, resulting in a nail-biting cat-and-mouse chase that’s one of the movie’s highlights. A frenetic motor scooter race through the backstreets of Tangier is another pulse-pounding sequence and, throughout, the complex plot is punctuated with marvellous edge-of-seat action.