Boyd frantically searches for Max

Driven by fear and guilt, Boyd ups his campaign to find Max and hassles a bus driver with Max’s photo, leaving Steph unhappy at Boyd’s strong-arm tactics. Feeling Steph isn’t pulling her weight, Boyd posts flyers around the area offering a cash reward for information leading to Max’s return.

However, after Steph gets a distressing prank phone call, she and Karl try to persuade Boyd to abandon his search strategy. But Boyd refuses to listen and his tactics seem to have paid off when he receives a promising tip-off. Steph and Boyd rush to meet the contact, but they’re disappointed when the eyewitness appears to be another bogus lead. But when Bob produces Max’s wedding ring, Boyd sees red and demands to know what Bob’s done to his dad.

Rosetta’s mum Lucia storms in to Number 30 and demands that Rosetta see sense and go through with her prearranged marriage, claiming that no one else would want her. A crushed Rosetta finally relents and agrees to move back home and marry Johnny. But after Pepper counsels Rosetta to stand up for herself, Rosetta tells her mum she won’t marry Johnny and is staying at Number 30.

Also, Will receives a mysterious package containing $10,000 and Katya feels guilty after learning of Max’s disappearance, but is cheered up by Ned.