Boyd has doubts about Caleb

Boyd is suspicious when Caleb buys shocked Sky a pricey gift, and confides his fears to Janelle. While Boyd attempts to discover the truth about Caleb from his skater mates, Janelle agrees to meet the recipient of Stingray’s heart.

Boyd soon learns that Caleb was the one who abandoned his family, rather than Caleb’s claim that they left him. He and Janelle convince Caleb he should return home. But, before he goes, Caleb springs a startling surprise on Sky, and passionately kisses her, witnessed by an unimpressed Boyd.

Frazer learns that his mum Prue has harboured resentment towards him for nearly 30 years for standing and watching his brother drown, and hopes now the secret is out, there can be a reconciliation.

Lou and Zeke realise they are holding Lolly back and reluctantly agree that she should return home to her family. Broken hearted Lou buys a trip to Russia for Lolly as a farewell gift and prepares to part with her once more.

Back from Adelaide, Rachel is shocked to learn that Ringo is in hospital. But Ringo puts her fears about his feelings for Carmella to rest and gets their relationship back on track.