Boyd’s riddled with guilt when Steph finds him getting passionate with Glen. Later, Steph worries when she sees Janae is still optimistic that her marriage can work. Following a heart to heart from Toadie, Steph urges Boyd to be honest both with himself and Janae. Feeling trapped and unable to hurt Glen as well, Boyd tells a devastated Janae the marriage is over.

In a bid to end the violence, Carmella meets Ray who denies having anything to do with the bomb. Furious Carmella verbally attacks him, and he ends up having a heart attack. As Ray lies dying, he swears to Carmella he’s innocent and she realises he’s telling the truth.

But when a suspicious Oliver hears what’s happened, he assumes Carmella’s fibbing again, and suspects her of paranoia when she starts working out who really wants them dead. Elle and Paul exploit their growing rift by offering Oliver sanctuary at the Robinson country cabin. Too late to stop them leaving, Carmella fears she may have lost Oliver for good.

Also, Steph’s attempts to redecorate the bar go well and she’s pleased when Toadie offers to help out. Later, things improve further when he agrees to have a beer with her for old times sake.