Brad and Lauren give in to their feelings

Daniel spots Terese in Off Air when she’s meant to be at an AA meeting, and when Brad finds out he confronts Terese and they fight. She blames Brad for her drinking and Brad walks out, heading for a motel. But when he realises he’s left his wallet at Lauren’s he heads there, and emotionally vulnerable, he tells her that she inspires him. There’s undeniable electricity between them and finally they give into their passion.

It’s awkward when Amber, Imogen, and Paige find Josh at the campsite with Courtney and Imogen takes it upon herself to drive Courtney away by ‘accidentally”’revealing that the baby Josh has fathered is Amber’s. But Courtney isn’t bothered and although Amber can’t wait to be a mother, she realises she will never have an easy life again.

Paul tells Amy about Kyle’s heartbreak and she has to check with Kyle – it wasn’t their little moment that caused the breakup, was it? Kyle doesn’t really know what caused it and she reaches out to offer him support, but he won’t let anyone in.