Terese is furious that Brad has kept the search for his daughter a secret and forces him to tell Lauren. But Lauren is actually supportive, eagerly deciding to go to Adelaide with Brad to chase up this lead the P.I. left him with. When Brad and Lauren go to the address Tracey gave them, they discover it’s been turned into a housing estate.

They decide to pay Tracey to do some more investigating and stay in Adelaide overnight while they wait to hear back from her, forcing Matt to cancel the vow renewal. Lauren’s guilt becomes overwhelming as she wonders how different things would have been if she’d told Brad she was pregnant 20 years ago. Brad comforts her and the pair both go in for a kiss.

Bailey is once more sneaking Lou’s homebrew out of the house to supply to Jayden, when Joshua discovers his secret. He points out Lou and Matt will figure out the brew is gone at the vow renewal tomorrow and feels sorry for Bailey.

So when Matt and Lou discover broken brew bottles in the backyard, Joshua claims to have smashed them by accident. Matt and Lou eventually buy the story and Bailey’s secret is safe. However, Josh pushes Bailey to promise he’ll keep on the straight and narrow.